Head Pain

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Head Pain Relief & Treatment

Head pain comes in many forms, from low grade tension headaches to disabling migraines. Either type can slow or completely shut down your day-sometimes days. Unfortunately, painkillers are only capable of temporary relief and hide the root cause of the headache, which vary person to person. Schedule an appointment with our chiropractors to determine if your headaches can be helped in our office as many sufferers have trusted us for lasting, natural headache relief treatment.

What Causes Headaches and Migraines?

The root causes of headaches and migraines vary from person to person. Getting an accurate diagnosis with your chiropractor uncovers these causes so you can get the right treatment. Potential triggers include:

Excessive forward head posture (“tech neck”)

Hours spent slouching over a cell phone, handheld gaming system, computer, books/homework, or handiwork strain neck muscles and pull neck vertebrae out of alignment. This can pinch nerves and cause head pain.


Concussion, whiplash and other injuries can also cause head pain through strained muscles, subluxations and pinched nerves.


Stress can also cause headaches. It often leads to poor posture, disruptions in blood pressure regulation, and other chemical imbalances that can trigger headaches.

Nutrition and Sleep

Migraine sufferers know that certain foods, an irregular eating or sleeping schedule, dehydration, fragrances or other environmental triggers can cause migraine attacks.

Chiropractic Treatments for Headache and Migraine Relief

Chiropractic care provides excellent relief for headache and migraine sufferers because it corrects the underlying causes.

Chiropractic spinal adjustments

Our chiropractors can release pressure around nerves located in the neck through precise, gentle chiropractic adjustments.

Ergonomic Tips & Therapeutic exercises

In addition to chiropractic care, our chiropractors teach patients posture and ergonomics tips to prevent headaches and migraines. Cell phone ergonomics, computer desk ergonomics and even sleeping posture all impact head pain relief and prevention. When soft tissue damage, muscle weakness and stress are involved, our chiropractors may recommend therapeutic exercises to reduce stress, help you teach your body to hold normal postural habits and get natural pain relief as your body adjusts to chiropractic treatments.

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