Disc Injury

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Chiropractic Provides Bulging and Herniated Disc Relief

Intervertebral discs are shock-absorbing components of the spine that should fit perfectly between each of vertebrae of your neck and back, allowing nerves to pass comfortably from your spinal cord to all the rest of the areas of your body. These discs have a strong and flexible outer covering with a softer, jelly-like center. As we age, these discs tend to lose some of their hydration and start bulging. A bulging disc is a finger like outpouching of the jelly-like material from the center of the disc. It can protrude from the front, back, or sides and depending on the location(s) of the bulge, it can press on the spinal cord or nerve roots leaving the spinal cord DIRECTLY. They may even cause patients no pain or symptoms at all and quietly deteriorate causing degenerative diseases like arthritis, disc disease, and promote further injury to the disc called a herniation. A herniated disc is one in which the tougher outer covering has torn, allowing the inner jelly filling to spill out completely, pressing into nerves or the spinal cord. This may lead to back or neck pain and even numbness and tingling in areas of the body controlled by the affected nerves. Fortunately, our chiropractors can provide effective treatment and relief for disc problems.

Questions about a Spinal Disc Slip, Bulge or Herniation?

Why does a disc become bulged or herniated and allow its “jelly” to spill out and put pressure on nerves? Several things could cause a bulge or herniation:

Traumatic Injury

A car accident injury like whiplash can cause disc damage in the neck, for example. Any type of back injury might also damage discs lower in the back, causing sciatica symptoms.

Poor Posture

Long hours hunching, slouching or leaning can push or pull vertebrae out of correct alignment, causing them to put abnormal pressure on the discs. This can lead to bulging and eventually herniation.


Discs often start bulging when the aging process starts dehydrating them. This can be a precursor to pain and eventual slip and protrusion.

Spinal Disc Treatments

Fortunately, there are drug-free, non-surgical bulging disc or herniated disc treatment options that our chiropractors can offer for long-term pain relief to get you back to an active lifestyle:

Chiropractic spinal adjustments

Our chiropractors are highly skilled at gently adjusting vertebrae back into correct posture, taking pressure off of discs, which provides pain relief.

Therapeutic exercises

Core strength and proper posture are crucial to relieving bulging and herniated discs. Our chiropractors will coach you on correct form during exercises, stretches and advise you on proper ergonomics for daily tasks.

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