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Why Highland Family Chiropractic?

  • Our neck adjustments are comfortable and specific. No popping, twisting, turning or snapping. The only office in Butte that practices Blair Upper Cervical Method.
  • Less than 1% of chiropractors utilize the Blair Method
  • Same day appointments for most new patients
  • Office hours tend to fall before and after most patients working day
  • SATURDAY HOURS:  8:00AM-12:00PM
  • Will do complimentary “chiropractic benefits” check for your insurance plan
  • Most insurance accepted
  • You do not need insurance to see us. We accept cash and credit cards
  • Professional and welcoming atmosphere
  • Secondary evaluations and opinions
  • Referrals for insurance adjusters, medical doctors, and attorneys
  • In most cases no referrals needed to start care in our office
Highland Family Chiropractic, a Butte Chiropractor, specializes in sports injuries chiropractic procedures.

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