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Palmer Package


This is a full spine technique and protocol. These adjustments commonly produce the audible people refer to as “cracking”. This technique is very controlled in which bone is to be moved and how it is to be done. Many chiropractors utilize aspects of the technique and we have been trained in it as well. The Gonstead technique is excellent for low back and pelvic issues in particular.

Highland Family Chiropractic is a Butte Chiropractor utilizing the Diversified technique.


This can be considered the most common technique in the chiropractic profession. This too is a full spine adjusting technique that has a tendency to produce more audibles than other techniques during the adjusting process.

Thompson Drop

This is a technique is for full spine adjusting and utilizes a special adjusting table that drops away with the adjustments. The patient typically does not feel a thing as this technique requires no twisting or turning to make corrections. We often hear patients say they do not like the popping noises. This technique is great for those hesitant about sounding like a bag of popcorn.

Highland Family Chiropractic is a Butte Chiropractor utilizing the Thompson Drop technique.

Nimmo Tonus Receptor

Additional, non-Palmer Package services

This technique focuses on relaxing different muscle groups that can prevent adjustments from holding position due to spasming. The chiropractor will work the length of the muscle with their hands to alleviate the tension/spasm. Chronic muscle tension is common in most people, supplementing our adjustments with this technique helps us to getting you feeling better faster.

Highland Family Chiropractic is a Butte Chiropractor utilizing the Nimmo Technique.


Additional, non-Palmer Package services

This is a tool based adjusting protocol that allows the device to make the adjustment rather than a chiropractor’s hands. This is a technique that we use primarily for little ones and babies but we have also found benefit for those with Fibromyalgia and different levels of osteopenia/osteoporosis. The tool produces a click when the adjustment is delivered. This technique is considered one of the lightest forms in the profession.

Highland Family Chiropractic is a Butte Chiropractor utilizing the Activator Technique.

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